Step 4: Adding refractory

Picture of Adding refractory
Of course, to keep the forge body cool enough so it is not damaged, we need a layer in between the fire and the grill. I will use Mt Savage refractory cement, although you may use 1 of the following recipies, a 1 part furnace cement and 4 part perlite or 50/50 of sand and clay. We will want to fill the forge right to the tuyere and have a 70 degree angle upwards to provide a trough to hold our fuel and blade. Let dry.
pakman9102 years ago
How much does this thing weigh now? Can you even lift it?
jmoorm22 years ago
About how much did you have to use to fill your grill to this level?
jetboy4 years ago
wouldn't ashes (fine and free of debris) work ive used it before, i mixed it with water and let it set and it hardened up nicely
trf (author)  jetboy4 years ago
Perhaps it would..sounds like a great recipe and on the cheap side...i would love that. Maybe send me the proportions and ill give it a good trial run with some fire and maybe a blow torch and stuff. Thanks!
Vreth5 years ago
what kind of clay would you recommend? earthenware, stoneware, ceramic? i'm not sure what type should be used
sakabato7776 years ago
where can I get the refractory