Picture of How To Make A Boutique Style Diaper Cake
Diaper cakes make beautiful baby shower gifts or centerpieces. These are instructions on how to make the beautiful spiral shaped diaper cakes for baby showers. They do not use any adhesives or elastic bands inside the cakes and are very easy to make.


Supplies Needed To Make Diaper Cake:

All ingredients can be found at Craft Stores such as Hobby Lobby, AC Moore or Wal-Mart

Diapers Of Your Choice (25-30 diapers per tier)
Cake Pans In The Same Size As Cake Tiers
Standard Sizes For Tiers Are 12", 10", 8"
3 Large Rubber Bands
Cardboard Cake Tray (12")
Ribbon (4 yards for 3 tier cake)
Tulle Or Cellophane (3 yards)
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Step 1: Place Diapers In Sturdy Cake Pan

Picture of Place Diapers In Sturdy Cake Pan
Use a sturdy cake pan in the size you want and place a handful of diapers inside.

Step 2: Fan The Diapers

Picture of Fan The Diapers
Hand Holding Diapers.bmp
Fan the diapers against the side of the cake pan holding them securely with your hand.

Step 3: Continue Adding Diapers

Picture of Continue Adding Diapers
Keep adding more diapers until you fill the pan.

Step 4: Add Rubberband To Secuare Tier

Picture of Add Rubberband To Secuare Tier
Slide a larger rubberband carefully around the entire tier.

Step 5: Fill The Middle

Picture of Fill The Middle
Either save a hole in the middle for hidden baby gifts (you can roll up a cute baby gift or soft blanket and insert it down the middle of the finished cake) or you can fold and roll a couple of diapers to keep the middle solid.

Step 6: Flip Pan Over

Picture of Flip Pan Over
Flip the entire cake pan over and lift the pan off so you are left with a tier of diapers.

Step 7: Repeat With Each Tier

Picture of Repeat With Each Tier
Repeat the process for each diaper cake tier. Use different size cake pans for a beautiful diaper cake.

Step 8: Tie A Ribbon Around Each Tier

Picture of Tie A Ribbon Around Each Tier
Tie ribbon around each tier and remove the rubberband by cutting it off after the ribbon is securely tied.

Step 9: Wrap Cake In Tulle Or Cellophane

Picture of Wrap Cake In Tulle Or Cellophane
Wrap cake with cellophane or tulle to keep clean and give a beautiful presentation.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions...

Step 10: 101 Things To Do With A Diaper Cake

Picture of 101 Things To Do With A Diaper Cake
so creative, so nice.