Introduction: How to Make a Bow Chocker

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I made a duct tape chocker which I will show you how to do. It is actually very easy.

Step 1:

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First you will need a cutting board or something that won't mess up the tape. You will need a ruler that you can rap around your neck. Tape and scissors. You might need a sharpie and you also need Velcro.

Step 2:

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Measure about 6 1/2" of tape and cut it.

Step 3:

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Fold it In half.

Step 4:

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Take a thin piece of tape and put it on the board for now

Step 5:

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Fold tape in half.

Step 6:

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Take each end and fold

Step 7:

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Hold In middle and now you see it looks like a bow.

Step 8:

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Take the small strip of tape and wrap it around the middle of the bow

Step 9:

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Now lay it down and measure the circumference of your neck and add two inches to it now make a strip of tape that long

Step 10:

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Fold it lengthwise in half

Step 11:

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Now get the Velcro and cut about 1 1/2" to 2".

Step 12:

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Put the Velcro together take off the the paper for the sticky side of the Velcro and put it on one edge of the chocker the take the other and and put it on the other piece of Velcro.

Step 13:

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Make another thin strip of tape and put some of it on the middle of the bow then take the chocker and wrap the excess tape around it now you have the chocker finished


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