Picture of How To Make A Bracelet Out Of Candy Wrappers!
My example: Starburst wrappers (but I've also been successful with Tootsie Roll wrappers)

- Keep in mind that the wrapper should be a rectangular shape.
- You’ll need about 30-40 wrappers depending on how large you want to make your bracelet, and what kind of candy wrapper it is.
- Keep in mind that you must make your bracelet large enough to easily slip on and off your wrist without breaking it, but not so large that it falls off.

If you follow the steps correctly with a tootsie roll wrapper instead of a starburst wrapper, you can end up with the same result!
(but the bracelet will turn out a little bigger than the starburst version)

Step 1:

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Unwrap your first candy and lay the wrapper flat so that the colorful side is towards the table.
CandyLove111 month ago
How cool can I make it out of dumb dumb pop sucker wrappers to?
AbbyZ2 months ago
reallly cool
Corinbw5 months ago

I love origami so I really want to make this. I just gt a big thing of starbursts so I may do it.

has anyone roasted starbursts. They are crispy on the outside and soft on the outside. You should all try it.

Cindy022 years ago
WUVIE2 years ago
Where has this little secret been hiding for so long! Glad to see this wonderful project brought back to life. :-) Such fond memories!
i made a similar bracelet a few months ago for the end part i pushed a paper clip through the first and last links then bent it and sanded it down but i think your method is better
agis683 years ago
cool!!!...my wife will love it!
I love doing this. It's such fun and you come out with something really colorful!