How to Make a Brick Film





Introduction: How to Make a Brick Film

About: Hello my name is Wade, and if you need any help with movie making and acting tell me in the comments below

This will help you make a stop motion Lego movie

Step 1: Getting Started

Before you start using the Legos you need to make a plot! Whether its an action movie or a comedy show you need to make a story to it!!!!

Step 2: Get Camera Equipment

Now that you have a plot, time to use your iPhone or expensive camera equipment to take pics. I would prefer a Toshiba camera but you can use anything as long as it can take a lot of pics.

Step 3: Stop Motion

Now your ready to do the fun part!!! In this step whether its a helicopter a dinosaur or a minifig and if its going to take a step move its foot just an inch. Take a pic.. And do it again and again and again until your done moving the leg up then move a little bit forward then start going down, move, pic, move, pic until you start walking... Do the same thing with your arm and head and.... Hat...

Step 4: Putting It Together

Now that you took pics. Time to put on the finishing touches!!! Go onto your computer and open up your movie maker program... Then transfer the pics. To the software and change the frames per sec to .20 then PRESTO!! Your done!



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    the guy that is driving in the 2 pic is custom.... and the guy who is fighting the monster is custom and the green monster is hulk from the avengers sets..... in the first pic is a lego version of me


    Cool! One question: what mini LEGO figurine is that?