My favorite projects are the ones that I think about, set aside for a while, and come back to them.  This was my first project that wasn't  just a plain old striped cutting board or end grain.  This is what began my experimentation with wood.

What you need:

Wood for your "bricks"
Wood for the  "mortar"
Waterproof/Food safe glue
Table saw and Cross-cut sled
Band saw
Spindle Sander (not necessary, but I used one in this project)
Random Orbit Sander
Time and Patience

Please use all appropriate PPE when working with wood.  

Step 1: Your Bricks

I chose maple for my  "bricks" for no other reason except we had a ton of maple.  I cut five 2" wide strips that were about 16" long.  Set these aside while you cut the wood for your "mortar"
<p>Thanks for the post, I made one as a Christmas gift. It was my first cutting board. I made a few small mistakes but it worked out in the end. More pics and tips on my blog if interested: </p><p><a href="http://www.woodworkingfourdummies.com/blog/diy-brick-cutting-board" rel="nofollow">http://www.woodworkingfourdummies.com/blog/diy-brick-cutting-board</a></p>
Great tutorial! If you cut one of your &quot;brick&quot; strips (either the first one or the last) half the width of the rest, you can almost eliminate having any waste to cut off. All you'll have to do is flip every other row (so every other row starts with half a brick, and the alternating rows end with half a brick like in your finished product).
You're right. I'm having one of those &quot;why didn't I think of that&quot; moments. Thanks you.
<p>I used white oak for the bricks and bubinga wood for the mortar. For the finish I used a mix of mineral oil and bees wax. It turned out really beautiful. I think i am going to make another. </p>
Do u think you can have your husband make a instructable on that thin cut jig he made
This is an awesome idea! I love your instructions, and your variation on the cutting board project. Nice!
super duper pretty! amazing tutorial as well :D
THank you!
Very detailed instructions and a beautiful finished product. <br>I would love to see this in black walnut and purple heart cedar!!
I made one in walnut and purpleheart (not cedar)! It came out pretty nice, but the colors were both dark so, it was hard to see the lines.
Great instructable! I had to check it out to see how you did the cross pieces. Very simple once you see it done :)
It is wicked simple, but had baffled a lot of people before I did the how-to.
Amazing work!!! you are a real PRO, thank you.
I'm fairly new at this, so thank you!
Definitely the best woodworking I'ble of the last months, great job!
Thank you! That's a very nice compliment!
Beautiful - great Instructable!
Thank you!
This is awesome!! Great step by step and totally something just about anyone could do!
It looks a lot more complicated than it actually is. If you have the tools, then anyone can make it.
terrific chopboard <br>
Very Nice. Now I just need to buy a sander, router, vice grips, saw, planer and sled. I think I might have the glue. :)
Or you could find a local maker/hacker space that has all of this equipment and make some new friends along the way :)
Fabulous job! Jealous of your workshop too! <br>Thanks for this.
Thank you!
Checked out the etsy store, nice stuff. Pity it'd cost too much to mail to Norway, I'll have to make one myself! <br> <br>I also envy your access (in the states) of hardwoods. Almost impossible here in Norway (and in the UK) to find anything apart from pine, with a little oak, mahogany and maybe a little teak in the boat yards. Super expensive too.
that is a great piece... I wish I had the tools to do that kinda' thing. very nice.
Thank you very much! I got the tools by having a nagging husband... turns out I like to use them too so I don't mind.
Excelente trabajo, voy a tratar de hacerlo!
Thank you! Good luck to you on this project!
I like this! <br>
Beautiful and unusual! I will definitely have to try this one.
And it's pretty easy too!
Awesome! Very unique :)

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