How to Make a Buch of Flowers





Introduction: How to Make a Buch of Flowers

In this instructable I will show you how to make a bunch of flowers out of play doh.
All you need is:
4 different colours of play doh ( green as a fourth )
Heart shaped cutter
A rolling pin

Step 1: Step One

Get one of the colours (not green) and roll it out flat

Step 2: Step Two

Cut as many hearts out as possible and gently roll one of the hearts.

Step 3: Step Three

Put the one rolled heart on one of the un-rolled hearts and roll them together. Keep doing this to all the hearts.

Step 4: Step Four

Do the same thing to the other two colours. Roll them out, cut them out, and roll them

Step 5: Step Five

Once all the flowers are made get the green and make a thin stem to go on the flowers that is thin on one side and thicker on the other side. On e this is made put it on the bottom of the flowers together.

Now you have your bunch :)



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