How to Make a Bug Out Bag





Introduction: How to Make a Bug Out Bag

Here is the video =D



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    He is showing his blade to us. So close video. But thanks..

    Ya tarp can take up space but is definatly worth it, for under 20$ u can get a USGI casualty blanket which is basically a thick tarp with a mylar blanket on it which is awsome and ya idk if im gonna do boltcutters in mine either

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    What kind of bag is that? Im making my bag but some suggestions would be zipties, a tarp for an improvised shelter, boltcutters(heavy but would help out), peletgun since ur younger(good for hunting), bankline, flares, and other stuff, if i were u i would go in the woods with just ur BOB and spend a night out there and see what are your needs and what are your wants. Good vid tho!

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    Thank you, And I don't know about what kind of bag I have, Sorry. tarp is a good idea but very space taking but still good idea, Bolt cutters yes to heavy for my bag, zipties I like it and pellet gun I have a BB gun in there the bankline I don't see a huge need and flares I'll put one in there. Thanks for the advice


    4 years ago

    wow! move your camera back!! way too close. plan your thoughts before you make video. good planning makes a less annoying video.

    So what should be the difference between a BOB and a super-sized survival kit? Is there any? Yes, there MUST be...

    Looks good!
    Very informative and fun video.

    I have that sword/machete