How to Make a Bug Out Bag





Introduction: How to Make a Bug Out Bag

Here is the video =D



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    He is showing his blade to us. So close video. But thanks..

    Ya tarp can take up space but is definatly worth it, for under 20$ u can get a USGI casualty blanket which is basically a thick tarp with a mylar blanket on it which is awsome and ya idk if im gonna do boltcutters in mine either

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    Sounds great will do

    What kind of bag is that? Im making my bag but some suggestions would be zipties, a tarp for an improvised shelter, boltcutters(heavy but would help out), peletgun since ur younger(good for hunting), bankline, flares, and other stuff, if i were u i would go in the woods with just ur BOB and spend a night out there and see what are your needs and what are your wants. Good vid tho!

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    Thank you, And I don't know about what kind of bag I have, Sorry. tarp is a good idea but very space taking but still good idea, Bolt cutters yes to heavy for my bag, zipties I like it and pellet gun I have a BB gun in there the bankline I don't see a huge need and flares I'll put one in there. Thanks for the advice

    wow! move your camera back!! way too close. plan your thoughts before you make video. good planning makes a less annoying video.

    So what should be the difference between a BOB and a super-sized survival kit? Is there any? Yes, there MUST be...

    Looks good!
    Very informative and fun video.

    I have that sword/machete