Bullroarers are a ceremonial noisemaker, toy and signaling device. They are native to many parts of the world, including Australia, Scandinavia, Mali, the British Isles, and all over the Americas. Bullroarers make a distinct, low-pitched sound that can travel for long distances. Above all, they are interesting and fun to use!

Make sure to post pictures of your finished bullroarers!

Here are my answers to the Make-to-Learn contest questions:

What did I make?
A bullroarer! How they work: As they rotate around you, they also rotate on the string; this in turn vibrates the air, producing sound. Tools I used: a hatchet and mallet, drawknife, a hair-dryer, and my pocketknife. Materials: a piece of cedar, jute twine and some beeswax.

How did I make it?
I first learned of them when my assistant scoutmaster brought one of his to an event. I then decided to make one. I make them on my own. In this case I was making it for someone else, to be shaped similarly to one I had already made, so it stayed the same.

Where did I make it?
I made it at home in my garage workshop. I made this one for someone in my scout troop.

What did I learn?
I learned that I need to make future bullroarers heavier. There weren’t any challenges or surprises. I like the beeswax finish on the cedar wood. When I make another one, I will make it a bit heavier.

Step 1: Design

First, a quick explanation on how they work. As they rotate around you, they also rotate on the string; this in turn vibrates the air, making sound.

 The design of the bullroarer is mostly a matter of taste. As far as I know, any shape will work as long as it's not too wide or heavy.
Here are a few links that provide some great information:

<p>Thought you might like to know - My Scout troop is working on Woodwork Merit Badge this month. Each of our Scouts is making 2 bull roarers during our meetings - 1 to keep, and one as a Christmas gift for an underprivileged child. The guys are really enjoying making a toy by hand.</p>
<p>My dad says I need to make q child's one is there such a thing as a child's bull roarer?</p>
Made mine out of hard Redwood and shoe string that I molded and sanded when I was recovering from surgery the sound is astounding and when you mold it yourself it's like nothing else
That's great! I'm glad to see that someone benefited from the Instructable!
It's the call of the Jarro Jarro bird! http://aso.gov.au/titles/features/crocodile-dundee-II/clip2/
Okay, it doesn't sound like a bird. <br>But it sounds like a roaring motor.
My comment was more of a joke. Click on the link and it opens a part of the crocodile dundee movie that shows a bullroarer in use as a telephone call. I guarantee a safe link as well
I made one of this, but I made an ugly one. <br>But I may like making it on a bamboo because it is easier. <br>I made one made of a smooth wood so I had a hard time doing it.
oh i'm definitely making one of these
&quot;if it's too light it won't create enough momentum and therefore will make it hard to keep going.&quot; <br>If it happens to be too light, add a small lead-ball (around 10-50 grams) just to the base of the bullroarer on the string and try it again. Add more of those (fishing) weights until it has enough momentum again. <br>this way, you can make a higher pitch (Because it rotates faster) but still have enough momentum to swing it around. <br>--&gt; The small round leadweights on the string dont interfere with the speed of rotation of the wood itself.
I honestly clicked the picture to get here because I thought this was some kind of cool miniature surfboard!
It is a miniature surfboard - A roaring miniature surfboard. <br> <br>Cool, Cap n Crunch. I had wondered if these were tricky to make or if they had some kind of special cross section. Now I know!
The end result came out awesome. Great Instructable! <br /> <br />GM

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