How to Make a Bushcraft (stone) Axe.


Introduction: How to Make a Bushcraft (stone) Axe.

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So a while ago, when I was at camp, I was pretty bored and wanted to so something. My friend, who is a master of bushcraft, suggested I make an axe. So here's the finished product.

Step 1: Matierials

Fairly simple.
- some paracord
- a stick
- a knife
- a stone
- whet stone
- water or kerosene.

Step 2: Make the Handle

To start, just simply shave off the end of a stick like so. Do this until it is flat enough to work with. (You could use a rasp, but where the survival instinct in that?)

Step 3: The Axe Blade

All axes need one. Otherwise it's just a stick. So, go out to your backyard, the woods, the beach, any where, and get a stone that resembles an axe head.

Step 4: Shaping the Head

This can be done with a whet stone, which is what I use at my house, but if you do not have one, you can use a smooth stone.
First, place water or kerosene on the whet stone/ rock, and then just sharpen it as you would with real axe, simple strokes.

Step 5: Assembly

Any Boy Scout would know it, but if you do knot, (see what I did there?) there are many online tutorials. Start by placing the head in the groove that you made, make a clove hitch, then proceed to lash it as tight as possible, and as many times as your length of paracord allows.

Step 6: Final Touches

This can include paint, removing excess rope, and fusing the loose ends. Do whatever pleases you.

Step 7: Feel Awesome

You've earned it! You just made a simple bushcraft axe!



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    3 Discussions

    Have you tried using it yet? The hafting looks questionable to me. I was wondering how effective/durable this design is.

    Thanks flash. I was aware of this while i was making it, and the wood I was using wasn't splitting, so this is an acceptable alternative.

    Ideally you'd want to split the handle just enough to fit the axe head in. That way it'll hold better. (that's my axe that I made)

    photo-2014-10-15, 9:13 PM.jpg