Picture of How To Make A Campfire
If you are camping, or are lost in the woods, the most important thing to your survival is warmth. I don't know if you have ever done wilderness survival training with out a sleeping bag or tent, but let me tell you, without a fire mine was cold. I wasn't allowed to make a fire, but if I ever need to I can, and you need to be able to make one also or you could die.

Disclaimer: I will never say that fire is a bad thing. It saves lives both from cold and boredom when camping, but if left unattended or used inappropriately, it can be dangerous and unpredictable. Don't be stupid.
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Step 1: Tools

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You always need the right tools, whether your camping, going on a hike, or just away from safety. If you are in any of these places with out at least some of the following, only you can be blamed for your death.
A knife, good sized and strong
Flint and steel(Sorry, no picture),
9v battery and steel wool,
or matches.
The matches should include both strike anywhere and light when wet, you could need either.
I suggest you have all of these, they are light weight and can fit in your pocket.

Step 2: Gather wood

Picture of gather wood
This is very important, the wrong type of wood could cause your fire to go out, and if your in the woods without a car or you're lost, it could mean death. Don't listen to what anyone says, size matters. You want a few big logs, 2 or 3, but not to many. It takes a long time to get big logs going, and a lot of fire. But don't get only small sticks. They will light, but not for long. You want a big log (>3 in. thick) per 5 medium sticks (1-2 in. thick) and about 20 or more small sticks (<1 in. thick).
Do you think the Toollogic SL Pro Firesteel version is a good knife?
mowie6 years ago
just don't keep the battery and the steel wool in the same pocket trust me from my own experiences
lobo_pal (author)  mowie6 years ago
Also, don't put strike anywhere matches in your back pocket, my bishop has a funny Klondike story about that.
is that knife from a harbor frieght store perhaps?
You can also screw a stick or mop handle into the butt and use it as a spear.
lobo_pal (author)  Mathias Re'eh5 years ago
Good eye, I liked that they had a lot of extra room for you to add to the survival resources.
how well has it held up to rough use? I mean, the storage is nice and all, but without a full tang, I'd be afraid of breaking it when working with wood or breaking bones when field dressing game.
lobo_pal (author)  butterknife4 years ago
It is totally secure as far as I've used it, the metal is fairly thick. in the handle.
lasersage6 years ago
hooray, fire :D looks like a good approach to making it too.
lobo_pal (author)  lasersage6 years ago
Thank you, you can probably learn most of this in a survival course, but if you just want the fire part, this is fastest.
CarStalkerZ6 years ago
dude i made an instructable like three days befor this and there the same thing
lobo_pal (author)  CarStalkerZ6 years ago
Actually, I started this a few weeks ago, and it took me awhile to get the pictures. It's also not surprising considering I'm using knowledge I learned in survival training, which should be widely known. All the same , I apologize for any feelings of plagiarism you may have, but I assure you that I didn't not read any other instructables on this subject.
lobo_pal (author)  lobo_pal6 years ago
Now that I have read yours, I might also note that mine is much deeper into the process than yours, and offers more ways of starting the fire. Unless you prepare more, your fire while be about as affective for survival as a needle fire.