Picture of How To Make A Cap2Go
I saw these caps to go, their crazy expensive for what you get, so I made one my self!
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Step 1: What You'll Need

Picture of What You'll Need



1 cap
Glue, any of your choice
Some steel wire

Step 2: Pierce The Cap

Picture of Pierce The Cap
photo-2014-03-18 21:54.jpg
photo-2014-03-18 21:54.jpg
Most caps haves bump in the middle on the top of the cap, align the nail In that bump and start hammering. When a 1/8 of a inch through start twisting the nail to make the hole slightly bigger.

Step 3: Place Some Hooped Wire And Glue.

Picture of Place Some Hooped Wire And Glue.
photo-2014-03-18 22:37.jpg
photo-2014-03-18 21:54.jpg
photo-2014-03-18 21:54.jpg
photo-2014-03-18 21:54.jpg
Take some wire and snip it off with the prongs, then hoop it and push it through the hole. First add a lot of glue on one side and let it dry. When dry glue the other side and let it dry.

Now your pretty much finished! Take a carbine hook ad place it through the loop.

Instead of paying 8$ you can make one in no time for only pennies! The level of knowledge of this project is 0/10!

[this is my second instructable sorry if it's worthless but please no hate] if any questions comment!! Thanks!
jonny37981 year ago
all you have to do is get paracord and do a python knot where the cap and neck of the bottle meet
keng1 year ago

maybe if you kept the glue and wire on the outside of the cap, it may me more food safe. say, get a washer with a good sized outside diameter and a large hole in the middle, bend it in an 'L' shape and glue one side on top of the cap and put the wire through the hole to make it large enough to get the carabiner through and allow freedom of movement. or maybe fashion a loop using suguru or oogoo?

Mattakers1 year ago
Neat idea!
davelayde (author) 1 year ago
Nope, though id really want to use hotglue since its harder and just simply better
Pretty good. Does it leak water?