Introduction: How to Make a Cheap Knex Spool Stand

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Step1- Connect the structure as shown in the picture.

You will need:
-4 blue connectors
-8 purple connectors
-5 white connectors
-2 orange connectors
-6 yellow connectors
-5 red sticks
-10 yellow sticks
-10 blue sticks

Step2- Print some hollow cylinders to make the spool rotate smoothly

Step3- Place the spools on the top red sticks. That is where the filament will rest on.

Step4- add some rubber pads to the bottom to keep the filament holder in place

Step 1:


mark429 (author)2014-07-07

Not exactly the same but 100% inspired by your instructable! Thanks for the great idea. I modified mine to be a "quick change" style Cheers!

simpson1991 (author)mark4292017-01-23

Thank you, I took a picture look above your comment :) I added some rolls for the spool and a shell to reach a higher position :)

simpson1991 (author)simpson19912017-01-23

Okay the picture is further down now, and wheel not shell

aburton8 (author)mark4292014-07-09
Here, I made the spools to make the filament turn more smoothly. You can change the length of the spool, but the hole inside is a perfect size for the KNEX so just change the z-axis to make it longer. Or just print 2 like what I did.

mark429 (author)aburton82014-07-13

Awesome, I'm going to print a few out and give it a try with the green spool you see in the photo as it does not fit on the other spool sleeve I've printed,

Thanks for sharing!

aburton8 (author)mark4292014-07-07

HAHA Nice! I found out that if you use little spools or something between the filament roll and Knex the filament roll will turn more smoothly. When I didn't have the something between the two, my prints were less accurate since my printer had to tug more on the filament. Thanks for sharing a picture, your design looks really cool and sturdy!!!

simpson1991 (author)2017-01-23

I took yours mark429 and it is working fine :)

dan8cat (author)2014-04-17

Finally a use for all my old Knex. This is one of the why didn't I think of that moments! Nice 'ible btw

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