Picture of How To Make A Cheap Pull-Pin SmokeBomb {=New=}
How to make a smokebomb from common,legal,and easy to find things !
Btw this is my idea, and I was the first to post this, hope you all enjoy !
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Most of the things you will need.

Ping-Pong Ball
HotGlue Gun
Pull Pop
FireWork Cap

Step 2: Sparker Tube Pt.1

Picture of Sparker Tube Pt.1
Cut a small paper square, then wrap it around the sparkler, to make a clean tube shape, slide it off the sparkler and tape.

Step 3: Sparker Tube Pt.2

Picture of Sparker Tube Pt.2
Dab a small amount of hot-glue at the bottom of the tube, make shure its flush with the tube.

Step 4: Sparker Tube Pt.3

Picture of Sparker Tube Pt.3
Pull apart your sparkler, and take out all the flash powder on a peice of paper, then make a small crese in the middle of the paper for easy poring.

Step 5: Sparker Tube Pt.4

Picture of Sparker Tube Pt.4
Now, get your pull-poper and cut the end string off. Hot-glue the pull-poper in the tube, making shure the string is facing out.

Step 6: Sparker Tube Pt.5

Picture of Sparker Tube Pt.5
Take your flash powder, and GENTLY pour it in the tube. Now take a small peice of paper from your sparkler cover and put it in the opening were you poured the powder in.

Step 7: Ping-Pong Ball

Picture of Ping-Pong Ball
Take your ping-pong ball and cut it into small peices.

Step 8: SmokeBomb Jar Set-Up Pt.1

Picture of SmokeBomb Jar Set-Up Pt.1
Hot-Glue your Pull-poper set-up into you bottle. Pour you ping-pong ball bits into the jar

Step 9: SmokeBomb Jar Set-Up Pt.2

Picture of SmokeBomb Jar Set-Up Pt.2
Add a small amount of flash powder to the jar and mix it up with the ping-pong bits.

Step 10: Add Cap, And Customize !

Picture of Add Cap, And Customize !
Add the cap and poke a small hole for the smoke to go out of, and of the string to go through. Add some ducktape for safty, and your all set !

Step 11: Have Fun !

Have Fun, great for a airsoft or paintball game! My first instructable :) Hope You All Enjoyed !
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hellohello11111 months ago

Wholesale pull guns fireworks for party.

cwmaurer2 years ago
Why don't you put paper, or leaves, or soemthing in there, rather than ping pong ball bits? Do you really want you and your friends breathing plastic smoke?
Yeah, I know I'm kind of necro-posting here.. but I needed to clarify something. Ping-Pong balls are made from nitrocellulose (cellulose that has been treated with very strong nitric acid.) And as such they burn VERY well and rapidly when made into tiny bits or a powder. Being cellulose, they aren't really plastic, but acid-treated wood or cloth. Although, some ping pong balls have ignition inhibitors in them so they don't burn very well, so one would want to be sure to get ones that do not have this.
In the end smoke is smoke and it is all dangerous
zgr955 years ago
i have a bad feeling about doing this because if u pull the string it might ignite everything and explode in ur hands
persia85 zgr952 years ago
use flour instead of ping pong balls a little though
dim20 zgr952 years ago
add some large string to it tape the smoke bomb on ground and pull from distance to try xD
zgr95 dim202 years ago
ehh better just to get the real stuff especially for woods games
noah1r zgr955 years ago
i agree
zgr95 noah1r5 years ago
Wht ever thts wht my expensive robot is for
scout30306 years ago
I'm anxious to try this and see the results. I'm primarily curious about the amount of smoke it produces. Is it enough to provide any tactical benefits in a paint ball game as you suggested? I'd also like to experiment with other materials besides a ping pong balls perhaps, though I'm sure you had a good reason for choosing that specifically. Good instructible, and don't let them bug you about your spelling.
lambman64 (author)  scout30306 years ago
thanks you very much, another smoke option is kno3 with is K and some suger (cooked)
Uh, what?

K is Potassium.  NO3 is Nitrate.  KNO3 is Saltpetre.
Sugar is C12H22O11.


HF TMM iTraceur4 years ago
Sugar is C6H12O6....
Sugar (Sucrose) is C12H22O11.
Glucose is C6H12O6.
Both types of sugar but, normal sugar is Sucrose
Delo97 HF TMM3 years ago
No it's C12H22O11
"with is K and"

say wha?

not quite sure i understand that part >_<
lambman64 (author)  Father Christmas6 years ago
sorry, when you cook kno3 and sugar it makes a "peanut butter" like mix. which gives off heavy smoke when lit
Note to self:  read ahead more often.  /facepalm
Making sense now.

well i know that, ive known that for quite some time. but i just didn't understand the word usage
(removed by author or community request)
Ok, lets just sum up all the previous comments into one, easy-to-read lump. Yes, when you burn most types of plastic ( Except polythenes and similar oil-based plastics ) they release nasty fumes which may make you sick. However, ( thanks Mattrox ) ping pong balls ARE NOT made of plastic. Nup. They're made of a substance called Celluloid , ( AKA. Parkesine and Xylonite ) which is a highly flammable material similar to the stuff they make photographic film out of. Yes, i said highly flammable. So now we're back the the fumes. Now, you try burning an old sheet of negative film roll, and breath deeply. Do you feel sick? Probably. Back to celluloid, which is made of mainly Nitrocellulose ( a very explosive compund ) and Camphor ( which is used, according to Wikipedia, "as a plasticizer for nitrocellulose" ). So, when you burn a ping pong ball, what are you actually doing? Well, you're speeding up the natural decomposition of the celluloid. Any science teacher will tell you that, generally, adding heat to a reaction will make the reaction go faster. ( e.g, Rusting metal in a cool environment / rusting metal in a hot environment ) And when this decomposition happens, it'll release nasty toxins and fumes. Sorry Corey. Looks like i'm snorting crack too. Burning solid celluloid will give you a result similar to burning napalm. So don't. As for small, hollow ping pong balls, well... don't. But "DON'T DO THIS" signs have never stopped explosives enthusiasts before, ( speaking from experience ) so, your choice. Just, try not to die. That's my take on things, anyway. And the longest comment i've ever written. Quack.
hhhttt iTraceur5 years ago
so can u di or wat
iTraceur hhhttt4 years ago


Ya this is worked like an inhalent it can basicaly make you choke on your own vomit.
if you replace the ping-pongball with a mixture of potassium nitrate (aka saltpeter) and sugar, that has been mixed in a skillet and is now a goopy mess, it will work fine, the mixture, when burned, gives off a harmless smoke. check out other smoke bomb instructions to get the instruction of the preperation of that mixture. besides that, this is a great instructables
one question for Shadow Ops andnutsandbolts........ HOW MUCH CRACK ARE YOU SNORTING???? its not toxic and who ever told you that is about as smart as a doorknob....... and for scout 3030 i dont think so try to add like two more pin pong balls and it sould be good
crack is not toxic? lol
Wow, calm down! Google it.
tython Arbitror5 years ago
i trust you i dont wana die! =P
ok the reason i said its not toxic is because ping pong balls are not plastic which many ppl dont understand.
Mattrox corey115 years ago
Its a form of cellulose
Now here's someone who did their homework... Good Job.
thanks do I get an A+
WOW shadow ops got OWNED major FAIL
OK then, in your language:
OMG what A N00b EPic FAIL!!!
Do your homework and please try not to breathe in burning pingpong balls.
little boys...
Yeah all smoke from petrol products is toxic. Cancer and stuff. Baddddd.
Ping Pong balls are NOT made from petrol. They are made from Nitrocellulose, which is basically nitroglycerin and cellulose(the stuff in plants).
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