Picture of How To Make A Cheap Pull-Pin SmokeBomb {=New=}
How to make a smokebomb from common,legal,and easy to find things !
Btw this is my idea, and I was the first to post this, hope you all enjoy !
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Most of the things you will need.

Ping-Pong Ball
HotGlue Gun
Pull Pop
FireWork Cap

Step 2: Sparker Tube Pt.1

Picture of Sparker Tube Pt.1
Cut a small paper square, then wrap it around the sparkler, to make a clean tube shape, slide it off the sparkler and tape.

Step 3: Sparker Tube Pt.2

Picture of Sparker Tube Pt.2
Dab a small amount of hot-glue at the bottom of the tube, make shure its flush with the tube.

Step 4: Sparker Tube Pt.3

Picture of Sparker Tube Pt.3
Pull apart your sparkler, and take out all the flash powder on a peice of paper, then make a small crese in the middle of the paper for easy poring.

Step 5: Sparker Tube Pt.4

Picture of Sparker Tube Pt.4
Now, get your pull-poper and cut the end string off. Hot-glue the pull-poper in the tube, making shure the string is facing out.

Step 6: Sparker Tube Pt.5

Picture of Sparker Tube Pt.5
Take your flash powder, and GENTLY pour it in the tube. Now take a small peice of paper from your sparkler cover and put it in the opening were you poured the powder in.

Step 7: Ping-Pong Ball

Picture of Ping-Pong Ball
Take your ping-pong ball and cut it into small peices.

Step 8: SmokeBomb Jar Set-Up Pt.1

Picture of SmokeBomb Jar Set-Up Pt.1
Hot-Glue your Pull-poper set-up into you bottle. Pour you ping-pong ball bits into the jar

Step 9: SmokeBomb Jar Set-Up Pt.2

Picture of SmokeBomb Jar Set-Up Pt.2
Add a small amount of flash powder to the jar and mix it up with the ping-pong bits.

Step 10: Add Cap, And Customize !

Picture of Add Cap, And Customize !
Add the cap and poke a small hole for the smoke to go out of, and of the string to go through. Add some ducktape for safty, and your all set !

Step 11: Have Fun !

Have Fun, great for a airsoft or paintball game! My first instructable :) Hope You All Enjoyed !
cleage0015 years ago
Here in Brazil we smash them. With the hands, really! But you did it safely. Good for you.