How to Make a Cheap Set of Speakers for an MP3 Player or IPod





Introduction: How to Make a Cheap Set of Speakers for an MP3 Player or IPod

So, since I've needed a set of external speakers for my ipod, I decided to make one. This Instructable just takes minutes after you get materials.

Step 1: Things Needed

These are the things you will need:

1. Old earbuds or really cheap ones from wal-mart
2. Empty gum box. Just take out the gum and the weird studd that keeps the gum in,
3. Tape
4. MP3 player

Step 2: How To

The first thing you need to do is take off the plastic covering off of your earbuds to the best extent.

Next, you need to pop holes in the gum box with a needle so sound can get out.

You may need to also cut a hole so the jack can get through to your MP3 player.

After all of that, stick your jack through the hole and put in the headphones.

Tape the headphones on the circular holes.

Close the box w/ tape.

Step 3: Info

This is a cheap way to get speakers for your music player. I am going to try and make a case/speaker system for the nano and how to install rockbox.



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    Thanks dude I made these with a little larger headphones not very much larger cause i had them laying around they work like a charm Keep them up

    Guys how bout u just shut up and let the kid live. if u dont like it, just go look at something else!

    that didn't work, try something that can amplify more sound and actually has a way for air to escape.

     How loud does it come out?

    GUYS.  This is just his second instructable.  Give him some slack, okay?  Overall, a good 'ible, some parts were confusing , but not that original


    yea........waste of my time and yours.

     Guys, you really need to take it easy. This young guy could be the next major music innovator, we all need a starting point.

    Well, the idea was a solid base - acoustic amplification. However, the materials could be better. Instead of a gum box, try something like an altoids can. Something a bit more steady.

    Also, google how a banjo resonator works. Apply that to this invention here and bam, you have acoustic amplification. 

    i really really agree with u jocobes
    its just a small guy posting his ideas, after all......

     i thought the instructable was bad enough till i got here
    you really think sound is gonna get out by poking a few holes with a needle?!?!

     1 more thing.... it should be a win/fail button on every comment... woulda been much better lol