Introduction: How to Make a Cheap Weapon From Cheap Things

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Hey i made this insturcable for the zombie apocalypse contest,I'll be showing you how to make a simple weapon that will shoot pencils,sticks,and even stakes!!

Step 1: Materials

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So this is project with materials easy to find.

What you need is:


a toilet paper roll tube

a balloon

a strong tape (package tape,brown tape,foil tape, or even hot glue)

a thing to shoot (pencils,candle,stake,bb's)

Step 2: The Balloon

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you wanna cut the part you blow ad leave the part that turns into a ball you might ant to keep the blow part for my next instructable about slingshots.

Step 3: Putting Together the Blaster

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so to make the blaster tape the balloon part to the toilet paper roll

Step 4: Viola

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you are done. now you can have weapon for the zombie apocalypse i hope you enjoy


Book Girl (author)2015-07-10


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