With Christmas right around the corner, why not make a collar to dress your dog up with? The materials needed for this project  are very mininal and the cost was about 5 bucks.

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Step 1: Tools And Supplies

The supplies needed for this project are pretty minimal. You will need any kind of fabric ribbon, some elastic (like the kind used on sweat pants), bells, a pair of pinking shears and a flexible measuring tape. You don’t really need the pinking shears, but they do scallop the edges of the ribbon to prevent them from fraying after they have been cut.

Very cute, more than cute. <br> <br>I have done this with the elastic pony tail bands for my hair. You can put beads on each end of the ribbon or bells. And you can also put the bells on the ends of every other ribbon end for the pup collar also. <br> <br>Love it.
Really good idea ;) <br>
Love the idea...too bad my dog would eat it! I am not kidding. My dog eats everything.
Same here!
Reminds me of my Doberman Ely...

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