Picture of How To Make A Christmas Wreath
  My family and I make our own beautiful Christmas wreathes each year with the extra boughs from our Christmas Tree.This year we had a spruce thee whitch is alittle prickley to work with. Any kind of fur or pine tree will do, but the bushyest branches are the best.Here are my instructions to make one.
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Step 1:

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  You will need a base ring (any size, but the bigger the better!),alot of wire, wire clippers, branch clippers, any decorations you would like,and...

Step 2:

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...alot of branches!(Which will take some hauling to get!)

Step 3:

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  First I cut about 5-8 boughs about a foot long to make a bunch. You will have to use more or less boughs to fit your choice of thickness. You also can decide how long to make the bunches. Smaller wreaths should have shorter boughs than giant wreathes with long flowing boughs. But all the boughs in one wreath should be pretty much the same length because otherwise you will have funny branches sticking out
    I find it helpful to have someone else make the bunches while I use them.

Step 4:

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  Next twist or tie the wire securely to the base ring.

Step 5:

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  Then tightly wrap the wire around a bunch 5-8 times. If you don't wrap it tight enough then the boughs will flop around when you are done. I lay the branches turned more to the outside of the ring than in, but not to much.   

Step 6:

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 Keep adding more bunches one at a time wrapping them tightly. Now it is partway done!

Step 7:

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When you get really close to the end it is helpful to have someone lift up the first bunches so you can wrap as many of the last bunches you need securly.  

Step 8:

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Now once again you need to tightly and securely twist or tie the wire to the base ring and cut off the left over wire with your wire clippers.
Beautiful and very traditional :)