How to Make a Circuit Board Guitar Pick





Introduction: How to Make a Circuit Board Guitar Pick

This is a simple how to on making a guitar pick. Always remember that everything can be reused and recycled in the most simple way or the most extravagant way. Hope you enjoy this instructable!

Step 1: Materials

For this you will need a circuit board, another guitar pick to trace, a file and something to cut the circuit board (scissors will work if the board is thin enough)

Step 2: Tracing It Out

Trace out your guitar pick with the guitar pick that you already have

Step 3: Cut It Out

Once you have traced the pick out get a pair of wire cutters or even scissors and start cutting it out

Step 4: Turning Rough Copy Into Good Copy

When it is cut out begin to file the sides so it is exactly on the traced lines and not jagged anymore

Step 5: Making It Look 'Perdy'

When you have it nice and smooth and the shape you want you can use sand paper to file of the green cover on the copper (beware this will scratch it) I don't like doing it for that reason but if you are willing to spend a little extra time you can make it look nice with a knife. (that is what I did in the picture above) The pictures above are the before and after.

Step 6: Vote and Comment

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    Creitenour made it!


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I love it, it such a good idea I am going to make one today.


Thanks! Remember to vote for it

This is f#$king genius! I just moved, and out of 7 guitar cases i havent been able to find a single pic!! UGH! Thanks for the intelligent and refurbished(recycle, reuse, etc) idea! Now i just have to unpack the box of electronics ive had no use for until now!!

Cool! Just be careful from the lead and wash your hands after that...

Awesome idea and great for re-use!

It works wonderfully, and looks great too! XD I made it out of a watch circuit board which was a cool blue c: All pieces where on the board, and that black spot is a great thumb area cx


Cool pic, I love guitar

I made mine from a GameKey


I had a broken DS game, if you use a screwdriver to pry it open you can get a thin circuit board thats easy to cut with scissors and it has a neat looking nintendo logo on it