This is a simple how to on making a guitar pick. Always remember that everything can be reused and recycled in the most simple way or the most extravagant way. Hope you enjoy this instructable!

Step 1: Materials

For this you will need a circuit board, another guitar pick to trace, a file and something to cut the circuit board (scissors will work if the board is thin enough)
<p>Awesome idea and great for re-use!</p>
It works wonderfully, and looks great too! XD I made it out of a watch circuit board which was a cool blue c: All pieces where on the board, and that black spot is a great thumb area cx
Cool pic, I love guitar
I made mine from a GameKey
<p>this is awesome</p>
I had a broken DS game, if you use a screwdriver to pry it open you can get a thin circuit board thats easy to cut with scissors and it has a neat looking nintendo logo on it
<p>The most convenient to make stuff ! I like it!</p>
Don't use a expensive board! Go to a dollar store and buy a calculator then take it apart and do this.
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Thank you. I personally don't play guitar but my sister does and she say it sounds better than all her others
This guitar pick sounds so great
Awesome! Thank you
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Voted!! Awesome
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<p>Made it. Don't bother using 1 sided &quot;green shield&quot; board. And also your pcb should be really thin. Thanks for idea anyways! :)</p>
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I am glad you guys liked it! :)
<p>how cool! We just bought my son a guitar pick punch that would really make quick work of this! I never thought of the material for a pick because of the arsenic involved in the processing but I figured I can protect the part he touches using a very durable lacquer.</p>
<p>Nice need to make one</p>

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