How to Make a Cocktail Stirrer Snail




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Introduction: How to Make a Cocktail Stirrer Snail

Learn how to make a cool snail out of a cocktail stirrer.



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    i love it! unfortunatly i dont think i have any cocktail stirrers.
    ive always been interested in glass work and this seems to be as close as i will get without doing it professionally!

    Hmm.... I'm going to try this one soon that is for sure. I have tons of stirring sticks just kicking around. This seems simple and straightforward to do. Though they are different colours... I hope that it still works. Will post my pics when I get done a few. :D

    I once impressed a girl by tying one into a bow using the tea light that was on the table. Never thought to make a animal for her. (I was waiting for a friend who was VERY late).

    Yay!!! Now, if I ever start drinking, I'll have something cool to do with the stirrer!

    Well it took two try"s buy I finally got it. Thanks!!!! Awesome Instructable

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    Good work on the antennas, jonnyboy323 :) I failed to mention this in the video - When heating the snail's belly in order to join it to the base, be careful not to melt the antennas. In the video, you can see that my fingers protect them as I'm holding the snail above the flame.

    Yes, the plastic curls on itself, but sometimes you need to stop it from deviating off of the spiral and let it cool off for a second.

    Now, the next lucky girl to sit next to me at the bar will get a nice little gift. :]

    Cute. Very cute. I'll have to try that...

    DOOD!!! this is sooo kool! now i just gotta go buy sum cocktail stirrers!

    Brilliant. If I go to a restaurant where they have the equipment, I'm going to try it.

    very creative, I like, muy macho.

    that is pretty cool. Now I'll have to find some cocktail stirrers..............LOL

    O love it cool music too

    This is really Creative, I'm looking forward to seeing more Instructables like these! Keep it up! -Shifrin