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hi joe

just found your instructable and thought awesome cant wait to read this roofing guide but its deleted. Do u think it willl be posted again as im trying to workmout how to build a roof for temporary accommodation. Im in the UK so good news travels far. Big respect for all the effort and time you put into the instructable its greatly appreciated and as to the negative stuff. Any fool can complain.

Thank you for pointing that out. I'll take down this instructable showing the mathematical one measure one mark way and get that book. Then I'll put up an instructable on how to carry a book around and use the appendix or something.

How would that be?

I have deleted this instructable, thanks to instructables user - "whathappened".

He spoiled it for me, and also for all of you by proxy.

Everyone give "whathappened" a hand !!

Thank you so much whathappened; From 520,079 people all over the globe.

Yay, whathappened.

I'm deleting this instructable. Thanks to you. I'll wait 1 day then its down. Take a bow...

I took a lot of time making this, and was proud of it. Your comments made it seem as you didn't even read it, are trashing it with things that are not even in it, and frankly, are inaccurate and poor practice compared to math.

Did you realize that you are replying to comments that are far beyond stale too??

If you want to share your "snapping lines all over the floor" way or how to tote a rafters book with you, why don't you make your own instructable instead of ruining one that 1/2 of a million+ people found to be useful or interesting??

Now that it's down, can you go troll somewhere else??


Did you even read this instructable??? There is no where that says to "step" anything off. Also, I describe how to take 1/2 the ridge off of the rafter measuring 90* off of the plumb cut. As for all the rest, seems like you want to be an instructable author yourself. So instead of salting other peoples instructables why don't you make your own, and show how to use your book or snap lines all over the floor and explain how much more efficient and precise those ways are compared to a one measure and one mark system such as the mathematical way my instructable shows...


1. Who said anything about not having $20??

2. I don't look down on people like you, who like to tote a book around from job to job, why do you look down on folks who like to be self sufficient, and solve mathematical problems for themselves, with knowledge they learned and committed to memory in their own brains?

And last but not least...

3. Why exactly, would the math not work, and put a "hump" in a roof??

4.You did read the title and see that this instructable is on Common rafters, and not on Hip or Valley rafters I trust..

5. For me, weather a building is a box, rectangle, a circle, or "L" shaped and weather it has a valley, dormer, or nothing at all..... one would think you would be sure your rafters are the correct length. One would think...

My deck is 66 foot long 16 foot wide how long should the rafters be

It would depend on the pitch you want to put on it .

Thank you for all the useful information you have provided in this forum! My question is in using the formula to figure out the length of the rafter, what would the overhang be for a 5/12 pitch? We are trying to get a take off list for the material required. Thank you for your time!

There didn't seem to be much instruction on how to figure where to mark for the plumb cut meeting the peak of the roof. Everything else made perfect sense!!