How To Make A Common Rafter For Any Width Structure

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If any terms or wording I have used is confusing at all or anything seems unclear, please feel free to ask a question. I don't check everyday, but I do check in often, and would be happy to answer any questions or edit something that is unclear for you.....

These instructions should enable the moderately skilled handy-person to produce a set of common rafters for any building. These instructions are for the moderately skilled. I have omitted basic steps on the safe use of the tools needed. If you are unfamiliar with tools, and the dangers they possess these instructions are not for you.
Rafter stock will be determined by geographic location, the width of your building, and local building codes. . . .
A pencil, tape-measure, circular-saw, speed-square, framing square, and saw-horses.
Risk of serious injury or death is possible!
If you are unfamiliar with the listed tools and the dangers they possess, these instructions are not for you.
These instructions are formatted in such a way that the peak of the rafter should be to your left, the tail should be to your right, roof side away from you, ceiling side close, laying on the saw-horses. Please read the entire instructions before beginning and then follow them step by step.

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Step 1:

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(1) Divide the width of your building in half, and remember that number.
(If the building is 40 feet the working number is 20, if the building is 4 feet, the working number is 2.)

Step 2:

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(2) Establish the pitch you desire your roof to be. (If working on a large structure, check with local code enforcement before proceeding unless working from an approved set of blueprints.)

Step 3:

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(3) Find the Length Per Foot Run Common Rafters row on the framing square.

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