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Introduction: How to Make a Connect Four Board in Minecraft Pe

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Hello everybody! I always thought if there were more uses for gravel and sand. Then I thought," I could make a connect four mini game!" Here, I will show you how to make one!

Step 1: Materials

You will need...

Step 2: Glass Board

Make a 9x1 glass stick on the ground. Then, build 6 glass blocks up at the ends of the glass stick.

Step 3: Glass Framing

On the top of the glass pillars, put 1 glass block on the sides and build another stick connecting them in the photo. On one side, put another glass stick on it like the photo.

Step 4: Back and How to Play

Make a back part by building down on the glass stick like in the photo. To play, one person uses sand and the other uses gravel. They continuously put blocks down strategically until someone has 4 of their block connected diagonally,horizontally,or vertically. I hope you liked this! Please favorite, comment, and follow!



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    Cool... also check out my minigame

    Cool! I will try it.

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    interesting and fun, i'd love to play