Introduction: How to Make a Cool Bunk Bed

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Step 1: Start World

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Load world.

Step 2: Find Space

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Find a good flat space or on a good place in your house.

Step 3: Beds

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Put 2 beds down side by side.

Step 4: Chests

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Put 2 chest be side the beds.

Step 5: Fences

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Fill in the space between the chests with fencing and the put it on the chests.

Step 6: Wooden Blocks and Tiles

Picture of Wooden Blocks and Tiles

Put the wooden blocks on one side of the bed and the wooden tile on the other side.

Step 7: Ladders

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Put ladders on the wooden blocks.

Step 8: Bookshelf's

Picture of Bookshelf's

Put bookshelf's in a 4 block by 3 block in a square.

Step 9: Top

Picture of Top

Cover the top with wooden blocks.

Step 10: Delete Wooden Blocks

Picture of Delete Wooden Blocks

Delete wooden blocks except the ones with the ladders then put wooden tiles where the blocks were.

Step 11: More Beds

Picture of More Beds

Put 2 bed side by side and put more bookshelf's above it.

Step 12: More Fences

Picture of More Fences

Put fences where the tile is.

Step 13: More Chests

Picture of More Chests

Put chests on the edges of the fences.

Step 14: Tiles

Picture of Tiles

Put tile on top of the bookshelf's.


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