How To Make A Cool But Temporary T-Shirt (in a jiffy!)

Picture of How To Make A Cool But Temporary T-Shirt (in a jiffy!)
The other day I came up with a good way to make a temporary custom t-shirt design. It only takes a few minutes (maybe 20) and if you don't need it anymore simply peel it off and start over.

Here are the steps you can use to make one too:
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Step 1: Gather Supplies

Picture of Gather Supplies
1 . First you will need the following items: an idea, masking tape, razor blade, sharpie pen, ballpoint pen, smooth board or cutting surface, t-shirt and cup of coffee.

Step 2: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started
2 . Have a drink of your coffee. Then lay your cutting surface out flat. Make sure it is clean. Lay down strips of masking tape. Slightly overlay each piece. Smooth them onto the surface so it becomes one flat surface of tape.

Step 3: Draw Your Design

Picture of Draw Your Design
3 . With your Sharpie, or other permanent marker, begin to draw your design. I drew a bald man for my design. You can draw anything you like: bears, dragons, a swirly design, naked women or a talking pumpkin. You choose.

Step 4: Cut Out Of Design

Picture of Cut Out Of Design
4 . When you are complete with the drawing, take your razor blade carefully in your hand. Start to cut around the border of the illustration, leaving about a 1/4 inch blank area around the circumference. Press hard enough to cleanly cut through the tape.

Step 5: Continue To Cut Out Design

Picture of Continue To Cut Out Design
5 . When you have cut around the image, start to peel away the tape strips. Be careful not to pull apart the image. If the image is attached cut a little more.

Step 6: Cut Out Design and Lift Off of Page

Picture of Cut Out Design and Lift Off of Page
6 . Continue to pull away the strips until your image is free. Then slowly and carefully separate it from the cutting surface.

Step 7: Sit the Image Aside

Picture of Sit the Image Aside
7 . Sit the image aside. Lightly lay it down so it will not stick to any other surfaces.
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