How to Make a Cool New I Pod Case for Free





Introduction: How to Make a Cool New I Pod Case for Free

-Old case perhaps a dotted case with removable dots! -Duct tape

Step 1: Choosing

pick a color of duct tape and your case

Step 2: Starting

If you chose the dotted one take the sorts out and put them in a safe place now you have an I pod Case with holes in it. Your I pod case should be the size of the duct tape role so just to be sure check. It fits! Then your going to measure how long the the case is to make it fit so in ravel the role and then cut it.

Step 3: Duct Taping

Cut another piece of duct tape that same exact size and put them together if it doesn't fit just add a little bit to it if you want to use your camera then cut off a little bit from that part

Step 4: Finishing Up

And then test it out put the case on your I pod and and test thanks and comment Favorite follow and I will follow back thanks love you guys!! You can make tons if these and share them with friends!!



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    This is so cool I luv it !!!!!!!

    This doesnt really have to do with crafts but can u do one on filing nails? I'm 13 and i still cant do it.. I hate the noise! And it never turns out right!

    Lol this is sooo cuteee