Picture of How To Make A Cool Paper Plane
In this instructable your going to learn how to make a cool airplane that is easy fast to make.note that I'm using card stock because the harder the paper or material the better it will fly.And please vote this for the epilog contests and the use of me using a epilog 16 laser cutter is useing it to cut paper precisely.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
All your going to need is:

Paper or card stock

And crayons but there optional.

Also some tape but thats optional too

Step 2: Part One

Picture of Part One
14, 8:35 PM.jpg
14, 8:35 PM.jpg
14, 8:35 PM.jpg
First fold the paper so that a cross is in the middle.

Step 3: Part Two

Picture of Part Two
14, 8:35 PM.jpg
Now fold both of the corners on the middle line.the more precise folds the better.

Step 4: Part Three

Picture of Part Three
14, 8:35 PM.jpg
Now just follow the pics because it might be hard for you guys to understand properly and for me to write.

Step 5: Part Four

Picture of Part Four
14, 8:35 PM.jpg
The folding in this step is a little hard.

Step 6: Step Five

Picture of Step Five
14, 8:35 PM.jpg
Now fold it back so that you can see the inside.

Step 7: Step Six

Picture of Step Six
14, 8:35 PM.jpg
Now just fold open the wings.

Step 8: Custimize

Picture of Custimize
You can now color it if you want and tape the top so that it doesn't open up.
Arman559211 months ago
Nice ! Foam is also good and you can sand foam to make airfoil wings :D
dsharma3311 months ago
It reminds me my childhood days..