To make a cool window you need 10 Quartz block and four Quartz stairs

Step 1: Bottom Wall

Put four Quartz blocking a straight line 1 by 4 as shown

Step 2: Left Wall

Raise the left side 3 Quartz blocks high

Step 3: Right Wall

Raise the right wall 3 Quartz blocks high

Step 4: The Top

Put 2 Quartz's blocks by this two top Quartz block

Step 5: Frame

Put a up side down Quartz stairs on the upper right side

Step 6: Frame

Put a Quartz stairs on the upper right at the top do the same on the bottom

Step 7: This Is What It Looks Like

This is what it looks like when your done thanks guys comment for the next thing you want me do u and your idea will be on the idea that you want me to do have a good day bye
<p>Maybe u could build a bakery</p><p>Also I'm making an instructable n at the last step it tells u to type in two keywords can u pls tell me what to do?</p><p>Pls reply soon</p>
Great idea I'm glad on my survival world I have more then 10 nether domes made!
Hey guys give me a idea and I will build it and give a shout on your name and your idea
<p>Cool window!</p>

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