Introduction: How to Make a Cool Woollen Bracelet in Under 5 Minutes!!

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Step 1: Cut the Wool

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Cut the wool to the length that you want. Make sure it will still fit around your wrist when folded in half twice. I use yarn as long as my arm.

Step 2: Tie It

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Tie the yarn at one end and hold on to it tight!!

Step 3: Twist the Wool

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Twist it until it is firm and twisted all the way to the end.

Step 4: Fold in Half

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Fold the twisted wool in half, and let go!

Step 5: Tie the End

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Tie the end and adjust size according!

Step 6: Cut the End Off

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Cut loose ends and add whatever!!

Step 7: Like and Comment!

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I would love to hear of your creations so comment please! Add me too!!


thundrepance (author)2015-03-24

nice! :^)

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