Step 2: Cut out the pattern

2. Now, cut it out an inch outside the pattern for seam allowance. If you need to, trace around the pattern with a fabric crayon where you need to cut it so you know exactly where to sew.
<p>An old guide but a great one! Have you considered making one for <a href="http://www.hourwaist.com" rel="nofollow">steel boned waist training corsets?</a></p>
Honestly everyone is giving this bad reviews. You know you can and boning to the corset &amp; make it to fit. I have used this to make a corset for my bridemaid.I did adds boning &amp; used the eyelets. So for a beginner this is good. Thank you for the help!
I agree, a corset should have at least 4 panels either side with boning running down the seams to give a beautiful curved figure. It should also be lined with strong cotton. This is a nice little corset style top but not designed to have any tension put on it. <br><br>I learned how to make a corset years ago, I always recommend a great website called CorsetTraining.net for newbies, it has a video course on <a href="http://corsettraining.net/make-a-corset" rel="nofollow">how to make a corset</a>and an excellent blog.
This isn't a corset. If anything, call this a corset top, lest the unwitting do it yourselfers gets all excited and then disappointed when their new &quot;corset&quot; doesn't hold up. :) A real corset is much more fitted and has boning of some sort to keep its shape. This is just going to crumple, crease, and smoosh the body in unflattering ways. Also, just a handy tip, NEVER cut holes for eyelets that are meant to take any sort of strain. The cut threads pull out easily and you'll loose your eyelets. You want to use an awl or other pointy object to pull the fibers apart and create the hole. Also on that note, single piece eyelets are a NO NO! Two piece grommets/washers are what you want! They hold tight and won't rip out under strain like the single piece ones will!
T_T i want to make a pattern.. but.. the link is broken.. for how to make a pattern.. what do i do?
http://www.elizabethancostume.net/custompat/index.html <br> <br>just put in your measurements and it will take you step by step
Sadly, your link is broken!
Great post, very nice. I've seen some great corset top <a href="http://www.promgirl.net/" rel="nofollow">prom dresses</a> at http://www.promgirl.net that were really affordable (for those of use like myself who can't make anything).
Lovin the grunge corset. Found it while trying to find patterns to make something similar to <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/Apparel/Dresses/Tripp-Red-And-Black-LaceUp-Dress-279101.jsp">this</a>.<br/><br/>Any ideas?<br/>
You need more panels otherwise it won't be fitted, you should also insert boning. I've made two corsets, both would collapse without the panels and boning.
I love how my girlfriend looks in the one corset she owns but I might have to try and make one for her to wear for the Michigan Renaissances Festival. Great Instructable, very detailed on how to take the measurements, I like that.
LOVE the Renaissances Festivals! I go every year here in Az! Awesome!
*shudder* *twitch* Not anything like a real corset. CUTTING HOLES FOR THE GROMMETS???
one glance at the pic...it favorited LOL.....thank you .....it looks awesome..i wanna try
very nice! Have you thought about putting in some stiffer fabric/one or two bones next to the eyelets to keep it from puckering? There's so many places to go from here, and as a nice bustier/corset for all occations: over dresses, bodices, slinky undies (though I don't know if I'd go for brown plaid for slinkie undies! :) )..really great basic piece!
Well, Mr. Rig It;<br/> I'm sure she left the tank top on because she <em>didn't</em> want to show on the internet. ... insert tongue-sticking-out smilie here... Passing the tutorial on to my DD.<br/>
I love this and I'm inspired to try this myself. Thanks!!
Thanks for this one. I'm a guy who wants a corset but is crushed by the expense is made by someone else. These look perfect for me. ;-)

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