Introduction: How to Make a Cyber Respirator Cheaply

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This Is For Anyone who can't afford to buy cyber respirators because they are just too darn expensive!

what you will need:
a black respirator, easily found on ebay for £3-£6
craft foam in you selected colour
thin tip black permanent marker
a design to go on the respirator

Step 1: Unscrew the Cartridges

Picture of Unscrew the Cartridges

unscrew the cartridge on each side like on the picture

Step 2: Cut Foam and Draw Design

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draw around the part that was screw off and draw chosen design on, then cut out

Step 3: Put It All Together

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put the foam piece in the cartridge part and screw back together

Step 4: Glue Spikes on If You Wish,

Picture of Glue Spikes on If You Wish,

i havent glued spikes on :) 
or you a drill a hole where u want the spikes and screw them in :)

Step 5: And Enjoy!!

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demonkilleresmi (author)2013-05-22

love this instructable... i actually picked up two respirators for 3$ from a goodwill in arizona

thats awesome

AoCxCyberGothx (author)2012-08-10

wouldnt it be hard to breath out of if you block it with card designs? thinking of doing it but worried about breathing

solemnraven (author)2012-01-31

Can you breathe through it alright with the foam in there?

chloemuffins (author)solemnraven2012-02-01

Yeah its fine :)

trebory6 (author)2011-06-18

OMG! You got the EXACT same respirator I got today and was going to cybergoth it out. Well, who knows, maybe there aren't that many different designs(?).

But thank's for the Instructable! I'm going to be actually cutting some plastic and putting LED's in mine!

chloemuffins (author)trebory62011-06-20

awesome, when i did this i didnt have much money or anything so i couldnt complete cyber goth it out but this was good enough


l8nite (author)2011-01-15

This looks really cool but Im afraid Im behind the times and have no idea what it would be used for

chloemuffins (author)l8nite2011-01-16

its for going to cybergoth clubs. you wear it for fashion. :)

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