Introduction: How to Make a DIY/ Do It Yourself Earbud Holder

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Step 1: Supplies

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Credit card/gift card or a thick business card

Marker pen or pencil


Hole punch and or what I'm using I don't know the name of it so if you do leave a comment!!



And that's all!!

Step 2: Drawing the Design

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Fallow the pictures

Draw the circles to hold the headphones

Draw the tiny circle at the bottom of the left or write side the size of the plugin!!

Step 3: Leveling

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Make the line about 1inch on both sides and draw a line from the ends of both of them to see if there the same sizes!!

Step 4: Cutting and Punching

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Step one: Cut the on the line
Step two: the hard part cut out the circles
Step three: Use your hole punch or the thing why I have to punch the hole for the plugin!!

Step 5: Wrapping It

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Step 6: Finished!!

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It's not the best but it will get you by...I'll have a better one in the future!!!


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