How to Make a Deadly Dart for Nerf Guns

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Introduction: How to Make a Deadly Dart for Nerf Guns

Step 1: Tools

Nerf dart and mini thumb tack

Step 2:

Take the nerf bullet and take of the orange part

Step 3:

Take the orange part and throw it away then flip the bullet so the original bottom is up top

Step 4:

Then but the tack above it

Step 5:

Then push it in

Step 6: Testing

Only put It in guns that don't take any kind of mag

Step 7: Firing


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AND I used a hammer arm for this too

+1 Exactly. Only childish people would do this. Why the hell would someone want to shoot needles out of their NERF guns??? It defeats the purpose of Nerf, which is designed to be a fun way for children to shoot each other and not injure themselves. If someone shot this at somebody else they will almost certainly get a lawsuit or a charge or a fine.

Somebody would want to shoot this to measure where they shot on cardboard. If they shoot this at somebody it's not the posters fault. Just to shoot at targets.

why are you viewing it if your just gonna hate on it

That's really cool