How to Make a Death Star Christmas Ornament





Introduction: How to Make a Death Star Christmas Ornament

Star Wars is a perfect childhood fantasy complete light sabers, robots, blasters and Jedi mind tricks!

This ornament is made from 4 - 3/4 blocks of maple and hollowed in two halves. This was my first time making a hollow ornament but splitting in half wasn't the first attempt.

I first tried making it by hollowing it out from the end with a sharpened allen wrench. I worked OK but was much too slow, for me, and I kept hitting the opening and widening the hole.

One thing I couldn't have was for the hole at the top to widen or the light wouldn't fit snuggly. It measured 5/16 for my light set. I'm not sure if that is universal or not. I would check before drilling.

After I hollowed out the two sides, I glued them back together and turned the ornament round. Round-ish. It's not important, or rather, it's not important to me!

Next was to use the jamb chuck to allow me to dish out the planet cannon portion of the battle station. The crux of the Death Star. I then took out my Dremel and cut a bunch of metal plates impressions into it. I think it worked for what I was looking for.

The last step was drilling out some holes for the light to shine in. I believe the bit I used was 1/8. Then simply paint and add whatever highlights you want! It's ready to hang on your tree. Or not.

I'm really not sure if it's smart to hang a wooden ornament with a light stuck in it on my Christmas tree. I'm sure something will tell me....



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    I don't have all those tools (I'm a female) but I am wondering if I could do the following: purchase a round, plastic ornament from my craft store, mask off the parts you dremeled out with super skinny tape, spray paint the outside with gray paint, remove the mask tape, accent the outside edges with black paint pen and spray the whole thing with clear coat. The hangers on these ornaments can be removed for a LED light, and light could shine through the spaces that I originally masked off.

    Just stick a green LED in the laser port and your good to go.

    big fan of star wars, this will be a great ornament to make for Christmas. Nice job

    Nice Peter this will definitely with scare the cat !

    She will not long oppose my will!! :)