Introduction: How to Make a Deck Box for Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

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Step 1: Grab Your Deck

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Put your A4 paper lengthwise, Then put your deck at the bottom middle of the paper. This is hard to explain but fold triangles on both sides. Fold the triangle up and tape them.

Step 2: Snip Snip

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Cut about 5 centimetres of the back

Step 3: Start Folding

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Flatten the excess and fold it down then tape it. If you are doing it right the should be a triangle shape on the side and tape it.

Step 4: The Cover

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Put a card on the side and trace it with a texta add about 3 cm to the top and mark it with a line. Cut out the shape and fold the marked line .

Step 5: Tape or Glue

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Now glue or tape the snall rectangular section inside the box then tape it at the back 1 on right, left, and Middle

Step 6: Finished

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Place your cards in and there you go a deck box.


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I love your yo-gi-oh deck hoder

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