Step 1:

First these are the ingredients that you will need
1.soda stream or carbonated water
2.coffee syrup
3.ice cubes
4.whip cream
5. (Optional) straws

Step 2:

Make your carbonated water

Step 3:

Add about an inch to half an inch of coffee flavors to your cup depending on what size of cup. I like to use a chocolate strawberry mix for flavors.

Step 4:

Add your ice

Step 5:

Add your carbonated water

Step 6:

Stir this thoroughly otherwise the drink will not come out with the delicious flavor.

Step 7:

And this ,the last step, is the most important you will now add your delicious creamy whip cream and this will enhance the flavor.

<p>Italian sodas are the best! Thanks for sharing this.</p>

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