Introduction: How to Make a Dollar Bill Ring

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ever see the need for a dollar bill ring then read my instructable

Step 1: Materials

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all you will need is a doller bill

Step 2: The First Fold

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fold the top part of the bill down

Step 3: Thee Second Fold

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fold the bottom of the bill up to the part you just folded

Step 4: Now It Gets Complicated

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tuck the edge into the flap that you made in step 2

Step 5: Fold Number 5

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fold the bill in half horizontally

Step 6: Flip It

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turn the bill over to wear "the United States of america" is on top

Step 7: Now You Really Have to Pay Attention

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fold the edge on the left side of the bill behind its self

Step 8: Fold 8

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fold the one on the left side in between the word one and the word the

Step 9: Pinch It

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pinch the part you just folded in between your index finger and your thumb

Step 10: Role It

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keep the one pinched in between your fingers, and role the rest around your finger

Step 11: Angle It

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now fold the right side to where its in between the O and the F of the of in the United States of america

Step 12: Shape the Ring

Picture of Shape the Ring

bring the fold that you just made behind the number one

Step 13: Its Getting There

Picture of Its Getting There

open the number one and place the extra part of the bill on top of the ring, then put the edge of the one over the part that you just folded over

Step 14: Almost Done

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fold the extra part of the bill back under the one

Step 15: Look in the Pocket

Picture of Look in the Pocket

there should be a pocket between the one and the extra part of the dollar

Step 16: The Final Step

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tuck the extra part of the bill into that pocket. now you have a cool dollar bill ring that all your friends will be in awe of


mkize410 (author)2014-09-14

hey! cool ring! and on the cheap, only a buck. awesome

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-09-14

When do I not need a dollar bill ring? This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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