How to Make a Dollar Bill Ring




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Introduction: How to Make a Dollar Bill Ring

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Step 1:

Fold the dollar in half then again fold it in half.

Step 2:

Then fold it into an L shape by making it look crooked.

Step 3:

Then fold the bottom of the L shape in half so it looks like a T.

Step 4:

Fold the two flaps in that where on the T shaped dollar so it looks like this. (You may have to hold the flaps down.)

Step 5:

Now fold the dollar into the flaps. Make sure it fits the size of your finger.

Step 6:

Now it should look this and just slip it on your finger. Thx for reading I hope you like your new ring.



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    yea after step 3 it got hard and i couldnt see the pic that good so

    I made it. I modified it because it was kind of confusing after step 3.

    well....i used 2 paperclips on it once i finished