Today I will tell you how to make a dragon in command promt using notepad

Step 1: Open Notepad

open notepad and type the following code

@echo off
color 0a
mode 1000
title Dragon Batch

and in the last type
pause >nul

plz copy the codes of dragon from the picture

Step 2: After Typing

aftrr typing the codes . Goto save as and save it dragon .bat

Step 3: And You Are Done

you have made the a coded dragon and can surprise your friends
<p>You should post the code somewhere because I doubt anybody would type out that whole picture.</p>
<p>u could have put that code in .txt file </p>
<p>One can easily imagine a batch file encoded into the dragon itself.<br>Display the file and see a dragon, run the file and something else happens!</p>
I agree to you comment DIY Guys but can u make the what I have made <br>
<p>That looks great! </p>
very good idea<br>

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