Picture of How To Make A Dragon scale Loom Bracelet.
Here is what the dragon scale bracelet looks like. This is an 8 peg bracelet. The I'm showing you is a 6 peg bracelet. You can make it either 4,6,8,10 or 12 pegs long.
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Step 1: Items You'll Need

Picture of Items You'll Need
You will need:

1 rainbow loom
1 tool
2 or more colours of bands
2-6 C-clips or S-clips

Step 2: Placing Bands

Picture of Placing Bands
2014, 5:10 PM.jpg
Placing Bands

Step 3: Looping Bands

Image 1: loop the band over the band on top.
Images 2 & 3: make sure the band is twisted, if it's not, take it off and twist it.
Image 4,5 & 6: keep looping the bands over top off the bands on top.
Image 7,8,9 & 10:Once they are looped, place three more blue bands on.
The rest of the pictures: continue looping until your braclet is long enough.

Step 4: Finishing The Braclet

Image 1: your bracelet should look somewhat like this
Image 2: take the left end band and put it on to the peg next to it.
Image 3: take the right end band and put it onto the peg beside it.
Image 4: take one of the middle bands (it doesn't matter which one) and put it on to the peg next to it.
Images 5,6,7&8 attach your c-clip or s-clip
Images 9&10: take your bracelet off of the loom
Images 11&12 attach both ends.

Step 5: Wearing The Bracelet

Picture of Wearing The Bracelet
Now you can wear your bracelet! Hope you enjoy my tutorial.
BrookeE26 days ago

little confused in the beginning but wasn't at the end im rating u 5 stars your tutorial was amazing and I understood how to make it I told my friends about the bracelet and now they love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JeevanS9 days ago

im confused on the looming bit

shr3yaxo2 months ago
The looping is confusing at first but then it becomes easy as!! Tysm!!!

i'm kinda confused with the looping T_T...i want to make it!

lil smartie4 months ago
thats soooooo cool but dont have a loom I might get one
Lshall215 months ago

I am confused on the looping

Looks so fun! I just got my new loom (my past one broke) and this looks like a good bracelet to do! You're tutorial looks easy to follow :D

your one broke too?
Lexington1238 months ago


I like flowers

dog lover1099 months ago
I'm a little confused about the looping part
kelseylynn19 months ago

im a little confuse how to loop them

thehbird9 months ago

Im a little confused

sjs142410 months ago

Great bracelet. I made it and told my sister about it. She loved. Great details. 4.5 stars.

sjs142410 months ago

Great bracelet. I made it and told my sister about it. She loved. Great details. 4.5 stars.

irisviola10 months ago
Nice could you explain how to place the rubber bands?
Newell_Jalynn11 months ago
it dosnt work
erowland111 months ago
How many rubber bands do you need
Newell_Jalynn11 months ago
i dont wirk
kawaiilover11 months ago
Very cute
Rider Girl11 months ago
I love the bracelet:)!
kearsten911 months ago
omg I love it!
RAWR Its Gracie (author) 11 months ago
nice bracelet