Combine a plain black hoodie and an old dress shirt to make a dressy hoodie that you can wear to da' club. You can wear your new Thug-Xedo out to dinner with your shorty, w/ your boys playing hella wii, or while kicking back on the couch eating fruit roll ups and watching the Office all by yourself. It's the perfect attire for every occasion.

By Evan and Michele.

Step 1: Supplies

- Scissors
- Needle
- Thread
- Black Hooded Sweatshirt

For the sweatshirt I used a Champion Super Hood because it has a ridiculously large hood and conveys a generally shitty attitude.
<p>Thanks for the ideas, if there are seams in the hoodie I think I can do this on my sewing machine. imagine putting in silk and other fine fabric for lining!</p>
I am going to combine this 'ible with this one: https://www.instructables.com/id/A-warmer-hoodie-easy/<br><br><br>RIGHT NOW!!
make it reversable so you can have a dress shirt with a hood!
i was just thinking the same thing, except u can kinda fold the hood into a collar. lol tht would be awesome.
Hahahaha good idea..
sorry about this question, it may seem stupid but did you only do it to the hood and pocket or did you do it to all of the hoody? sorry if that sounds stupid, this is a really cool instructable!
I think he just did it to the hood &amp; pocket, but with two or three shirts that are exactly the same, you could probably line the whole hoodie.
Very cool instructable, cant wait to try it!
i want to go buy a couple yards of Gucci fabric...you could do this and make good profit...and if you throw in a mask like that! I WILL BE RICH!!!!!
isn't the proper spelling of the term &quot;Shawty&quot;?
with an autotune echo in the background<br />
so true... so true<br />
Well I know what to scour Goodwill and Salvation Army stores for next! Black hoodies and shirts with a survivable pattern on them :D
Dude this is really cool. That looks like a really nice hoody (Like the thick, double-lined material) and I'm curious- when you sewed the fabric on, did you only get the needle through one layer? Because obviously it is not showing through the other side of the hood and the pocket? Please excuse my ignorance. :) Very nice! I'm going to make one of these for my boyfriend.
im thinking that those champion hoodies are the thin ones. i could be very wrong though. if so, then it would only have the one layer. if i were you though, and if i had the option to only sew through a single layer, that is what i would do. oh, and nice iBle.
Thanks oogitsmelol, Yeah, that sounds like a good idea, to only use one that is one layer. I was just curious what he'd (and others) had used, because say, if your hoodie is black and your material is white.. You probably would go with a white thread color, and then it would show through the black. I suspect if you have a nice enough stitch, it wouldn't matter though. I'm still lookin for a hoodie to use, from Good Will.... lol But again, thanks for the help.
I'm not a sewing expert in the least, but it looks like it's sewn into the pre-existing seems that make up the hood/pouch. If you sew into the seems, you should be able to use any color thread, and it won't show through. Fantastic job on this! This is an excellent idea for sports/music fans, too! You could sew in fabric from your favorite team or band!
Yeah I think you're right. Thanks for the help! ;)
A good way around this would be to machine sew the lining into the hoodie. That way you can use a thread color that matches the lining fabric in the sewing machine's needle, and a thread color that matches the hoodie in the bobbin.
i should try that..
holla at yo instructable
awesome. time was as you said A+
now me and me homies has some pimpin threads to wear while we is drivebying sum Eastside bloodz
Awesome project! Great job on the Instructable too, yo! I might fix me up one of these for when me and the peeps are rydin' dirtay in style.
ya, if you wear zip up hoodies like i do, line the inside about 8 inches maybe
Just a note....grab this shite called "Steam a Seam" from any place that sells frabrics etc, craft store, Michaels etc......basically when you do your folds and iron, you place a strip of Steam a Seam under it and iron, it adheres the fabric so it wont budge....very Martha Stewart ish, but sooo useful I go through tons of it....
to add to my note, in case you want to go further then a hood and pocket liner....for my Winter 2006 Mens collection, my label had satin lined zip hoodies,....even if you have some laying around, or just order some cheap from a wholesaler etc...zip hoodies are pretty easy to line, and of course to the lining can add your little touches, pockets etc inside...not to mention using other fabrics :) Its pretty damn endless to what you can do. With a cheap machine even, its just opens up the door to more.
i smell a business venture...
Its really cool :)
I remember doing this when I made my own clothes, nice to see other people doing it too! Mine was more on the crust-punk spectrum though, haha.
flippin sweet! I'm gonna make one of these!
the whole idea was really nice...until the very end... the mask doesnt match
Whoa, it's Strong Bad's cousin!
Hey, that's kind of neat. Even though I'm not intending to look gangster or anything, this would still be very interesting to try. Also, kudos on the explanation. Very clear and easy to understand. Just how I need it, lol.
im thinking that you could probably take a cheap thin hoodie, zip up or normal, and line the whole thing like this, but before you sew it up stuff some cotton or something inside. just to get a nice looking warm hoodie
Nice idea 'fi5e' thats really cool, might have to give it a go. Im not sure if you posted it or not (didnt see it but im stupid) but how do you sew it on without seeing the thread on the outside? I hope that makes sense.......thanks
ok im gona try this its kool and im gona line the whole thing with checkered fabric itz gona b sick! and im useing a zip up sweat shirt so it can be worn reverse.! the pockets will be on the inside but ya and im gona have to out fit the zipper with another pully thing ya ty for this instructable!
nice hoodie but i thoug u were gonna make one of those that u can flip inside out still kool im putting it in my faves i couldnt help it notice its a champion.. lol
very cool tutorial, thanks man.
Nice tutorial, nice gimp mask...
dude you should flip the hoodie inside out and do the whole thing!
Bro here makes his own clothing. That's a 1up on the ratings.
Hah! I love it!
I love this. It rocks. The hell with spending lotsa mad cash at A&F. You da bomb. And Now I know what to do with some of my fav shirts that I'm bored with. I can't believe you sewed it by hand.
I used to do this with all my hoodies... only difference was I lined them with leapord print... wow was I dumb, but this is a way better idea!
You gangsta.
There is a step missing... "Add Mexican wrestler mask"
what, no sewn in cufflinks on the sleeves? Nice work!

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