For this project you will need parents permission if you are young because you are using push pins

Anyways I think it's adorable

Step 1:

You will need the ends of the duck tape rolls we will just call them the non sticky sides

Step 2:

And a piece of thin cardboard

Step 3:


Step 4:

And 1 or more duck tapes

Step 5:

Cover the cardboard with duck tape

Step 6:

Then cut the non sticky tape in thin strips

Step 7:

Lay them out how you want them and pin them down you can also use tape bit pins work best for me

Step 9:

Now take the pins off and put duck tape where it meets

Step 10:

This is an example picture if you didn't under stand what I said up there

Step 12:

Now cut off any extra

Step 15:

Now make a border so every thing stays in place also take off don't worry taking off the tape is optional

Step 18:

Now add notes and pictures and you're done!!
<p>God dangit! <br><br>DUCT TAPE<br><br>DUH-KT TAYPE</p><p>Duct Tape</p>
<p>It looks really lovely, and it'll definitely last a long time. Thanks for sharing!</p>

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