Picture of How To Make A Duct Tape Belt
This will instruct you on creating a duct tape belt, going hand in hand with How to Make An Altoid Can Belt Buckle.

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Step 1: Measure and Tape

Picture of Measure and Tape
What you need for this project:
~Duct tape
~Belt Buckle

First off, measure your waist. You want to make the belt as accurate as possibly so you don't have too much extra slack. Also measure your belt loops to see how wide to make the belt.

Get your duct tape and draw out a long piece. Lightly grasp close to the midpoint of the piece and fold one half on top of the other. It takes practice to get good at this, so you might have trouble the first few tries. See the picture below for a visual. Squeeze out all of the bubbles in the tape and continue on until you have enough to fit around your waist.

Step 2: Cut & Connect

Picture of Cut & Connect
Mark the width of the belt loops on the strips of duct tape made in step 1. Using a ruler, make a line by extending the mark. Cut along the mark, and repeat for each piece. You can also just tear the duct tape from the first mark, which is much more convenient.

After this, you want to conjoin the separate strips into one with small strips of duct tape.

Step 3: Pick Your Poison.....err...buckle

Picture of Pick Your Poison.....err...buckle
Finally, you have a choice of buckles for the belt. You can harvest a regular one (left in the pic) or use anything else that works for you. I used the buckle on the right, which fell off of my backpack.

So, belt up and head out!
Well, this will go great with my duct tape wallet, purse and shoes.
wat the heck that is such a wierd phon
acaz938 years ago
I think I had that idea first YOU STOLE MY IDEA But it's a nice instrcuable It's sad that here in mexico ther no altoids I hope one day they will arrive
dude the worlds grammatical errors are serious these days its pretty ridiculous but anyway nice belt
I love the way you manged to complain 'bout someone else's grammatical errors, while having no punctuation or capitals.
That is so sad :(
Scytheon35 years ago
Nice Trinity Rescue Kit T-shirt
OatsnHoney6 years ago
anyway, Technick29 ur a pretty cool geek i made an insructable on an Altoid Belt buckle I'll give u plus if you check out mine Reply! +1
Clayton H.7 years ago
Nice stereo shirt
The altoids box has got to be the most creative thing I've seen in a long time. Wow, you're my hero!
I looove that.... *gives high five*
technick29 (author)  White_Feathers7 years ago
Haha thanks! *high five!* Hit me up with a plus since you liked it!
oh wow, sorry I never replied, just realized that. :-P I rated ya! ;)
oh my gosh i came to look at duct tap things and wow i see you here!
duct tape is my life... I've sold duct tape roses before.
LOL hey when its you prom make a dress!
that'd be cool
heck yeah it was on HGTV she made it from duct tape and a zipper! you could take an old dress (i bet you don't have one ) but thats ok go down to good will try on a dress or two! then bring it home and take two maybe three rolls of tape and cover it!
modio8 years ago
an adapter so 45s can play on a 33 spindle
Swert modio8 years ago
technick29 (author)  Swert8 years ago
modio is referring to the t-shirt I'm wearing in the picture. The symbol shown is exactly what he said, an adapter so 45 records can play on a 33 spindle. Hope that cleared it up!
dtr8 years ago
i am confused cuz i made mine and i didnt have to put the 2 strands together?...great instructable though i am making the altoinds belt buckle today!
robodud38 years ago
ahh duct tape i love it i haft to were a uniform at school with a belt im totaly gonna stick it to them with this
specialk8 years ago
Nice instructable. My burning question is: where did you get that awesome t-shirt??
technick29 (author)  specialk8 years ago
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame =D
gigman8 years ago
You might be a redneck if..... Ha, nice instrcuable, I can’t say much about duct tape fashion as I am caring a duct tape wallet as I write this! Nice! -Gigman