Picture of How To Make A Duct Tape Wallet
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Step 1: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started
Hi! Thank for reviewing this instructable today. To get started, cut a piece of duct tape off you r roll, and folds it three times. Do this 2 times

Step 2: Pockets!

Picture of Pockets!
13, 2:38 PM.jpg
13, 2:38 PM.jpg
Cut a thin piece of tape, and connect the two other big pieces of tape. Do this four times putting two on the side, as two on the bottom as shown above

Step 3: Body

Picture of Body
13, 2:38 PM.jpg
Take an extra long piece, and fold it twice. Cut another long piece, and fold it twice.

Step 4: It Is Time!

Picture of It Is Time!
13, 2:38 PM.jpg
13, 2:38 PM.jpg
13, 2:38 PM.jpg
Connect the two pieces with four pieces of duck tape. Put one thin piece on the outside, and one piece on the inside, to the point where there is no sticky. Do this again and add pockets.

Step 5: Decor

Picture of Decor
Decorate your wallet whichever way you want. Enjoy!
amonj02 (author) 2 years ago
Yah. I realized that after I read it over. I am like: wow! I am so stupid!
But it is hard to think if what to write on a keyboard. :)
mkitty2 years ago
Luv it besty
moskiii132 years ago
This is a great start to a wonderful project. Be sure though, that your explanations are easy to follow. This is a little hard to do and I also struggle with it sometimes but just a tip. :)