Everybody needs a wallet, right? If you have a taste for the unconventional, or you're simply a stubborn do-it-yourselfer, then whip out that roll of duct tape and make your own wallet!

What you'll need:
- Duct Tape (duh)
- a ruler/protractor
- a knife (or other cutting utensil, preferably not scissors)
- work space w/ flat surface

Step 1: Step 1

Rip a strip of tape at least 10 inches (295 mm) in length and place it sticky side up on your working surface.

Then, rip a second piece of equal length and place sticky side down halfway over the first strip. Fold the rest of the strip facing up over the second strip.
It was easy to make
What way do I fold it (length way or width way)
<p>Nice! great tut btw is that a leatherman wingman? </p>
<p>Awesome and cool</p>
<p>Thank you! This was a good help on getting me started. I have figured out a way to use less tape on the pockets, but it was a good start to see how you did it. I had a lot of fun!</p>
<p>What is the way that you can use less duct tape on the pockets?</p>
<p>this didn't help at all</p>
<p>Is there something that I can help explain?</p>

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