Introduction: How to Make a Duct Tape Flower

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Step 1: Materials

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Duct tape, time, patience and scissors

Step 2: The Petals

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To make petals(you will need A LOT) cut a strip of duct tape about an inch or so long and fold one corner down so if you look on the sticky side there is a non sticky triangle and two sticky ends. Then fold one sticky end onto the triangle. This is one petal but there are four petals in one row. Make many, as a great flower has bunches of intricate petals. You can use multiple colors. As many as you want to achieve this project.

Step 3: To Begin

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Take your petal and wrap it around itself with the sticky side facing inwards. This is your base. It is what you will wrap all other petals around.

Step 4: More Petals

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Create as many petals as you want. Four petals is one row so if you want your flower to be big (12 rows) you will have to make 48 petals.

Step 5: Wrapping

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Take each petal and wrap around the base petal. Be sure that the tops of the petals face inwards from all different directions so you get an even flower. Be sure to keep the same pattern so you aren't getting lost. Make sure your not building UPWARDS but OUTWARDS so keep it as level as possible.

Step 6: Continue

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Continue wrapping. Change colors about halfway through for a cool effect.

Step 7:

Thanks for looking at my indtructable! I hope you enjoyed making a flower out of duct tape. Follow and favorite!! --moskiii13


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