Introduction: How to Make a Dvd Laser

I used the same model as in my other videos a LG 16x DVDRW. Used an Axiz Housing powered by two AAA batteries This is how i did it


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2013-12-11


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masterpj (author)2013-12-03

I hate that people show this. So much inresponsible use with these things

knex luver234 (author)2012-04-11

it has to be a burner, rewriters wont work either, your can find the diode on the net cheap, thats what i did and it works wonders! there is actually a kit on ebay that works also

Jo-dan (author)2011-09-25

will one from an ordinary dvd player work

yaly (author)2011-04-09

hey i got mine from an old cd reader/writer it is 20x it has a ribbon cable on it and when i plug it in it makes a high frequency sound and lights faintly red i tried to see if it is infra red with a digital camera but i makes no diffrence

PerfectPantaloons (author)2011-03-10

Does it have to be a CD/DVD burner??? i have a Portable CD Player, would that work?

Has to be a 16x DVD Burner

iApple guy (author)2011-03-14

Do you a burner diode.

bjornacorn (author)2009-08-09

I have dial-up, and it is HORRIBLE to live with dial-up. Can u put it in word form, and pics.

Data643 (author)bjornacorn2010-08-05

I feel so bad for you. Yay for Ethernet and WiFi!

omnibot (author)2009-12-20

Meh .. films been removed from Metacafé :(

bjornacorn (author)2009-08-09

Do DVD players work?

walmzdawg (author)2008-06-23

cna you use a laser taken from a ps2?

Madrias357 (author)walmzdawg2009-07-13


Madrias357 (author)2009-07-13

Well, I got my Sony 18X laser diode. Can't wait to put it to 'good' use.

Mr USB (author)2009-05-17

do you have to use a axiz laser.

Mr USB (author)2009-05-17

mole,can you use a diode from a dvd reader and the diode looks like this...

moosey94 (author)2008-11-23

hey i am kinda new to this sorta stuff and i have just took the optical assembly out of my old CDRW drive and there is a focusing mechanism. should i take this apart for the diode or should i leave it as it is?

Mr USB (author)moosey942009-05-17

yes. the focusing mechanism is for the diode

freakinhuge (author)2008-02-08

Mole, How did you get the laser diode out of the cast metal piece it was in (from the DVD Burner). I got it down to the diode and the mount for the diode, but it seems to be epoxied in there pretty good. Any help is appreciated.

Mr USB (author)freakinhuge2009-05-17

very carefully cut the case using a haksaw. try not to damage the diode.

mole666 (author)freakinhuge2008-02-08

I used surface mount tweezers to pick it out.. But by the looks of yours you could get two pliers and try to break the heat sink, I have done this before. But be Very careful

drummonkey92 (author)mole6662008-05-27

i've got the same problem, i keep trying and can't get the diode out of the heatsink, can anyone offer any detailed advice or post a video or something? thanks

you could try to use a dremel. I used mine and it works great. use a grinding bit and grind away the heatsink. it tales longer but is less dangerous for the diode.

deth2all (author)drummonkey922008-06-01

wouldn't the benefit of a heatsink be a good thing??

drummonkey92 (author)deth2all2008-06-02

i think you need to get the diode out for it to fit in the module (which has it's own heatsink i'm guessing)

scanna (author)2008-01-28

Hello and thank you 4 this vid. I just opened a 20X DVD burner from LG, and i found 2 diodes. One has the open can, the other is a closed TO5 or something similar. I don 't know wich one is the burner !!! Anyone could help me ? TKS all !!!

Sk8erboy12192 (author)scanna2009-02-24

i bought an hpo 22x with lightscribe, and my open can diode was the red one, and extremely strong, and i used an infrared cam to check the other 1(the closed can one) and it was infrared, but thne open can one only worked with the top piun, and the middle pin, the bottom pin did nothing, im not sure why,mabe the configuration of it, bbut it could easily go either way with the open or closed

mole666 (author)scanna2008-01-29

The open diode will be the infrared.. Totally invisible to the human eye and VERY Dangerous. The closed one will be the one you want..

el eliel (author)mole6662008-02-22

yes please be very careful about IR lasers. you will hear me always talking about safeties and legalities til you barf, but IR lasers are especially nasty. when you surgically burn your cornea and/or permanently destroy your retina, do not ask me to be an eye donor. but then again, it's kinda funny to burn meat with one...

is the IR laser that power full ??? ( i like that ) :) this laser on the vid. is awesome i did it with a diode from a high power computer drive i used it to licht fireworks on the 4th of juli from 8 yards away!!!!

yup. it's kinda also that your eye is a jelly filled optical device embedded in a meat and bone casing. like if your binocculars had a ham case. and don't think your sunglasses will protect you. welder's glasses/laser specific glasses are what you need.

scanna (author)mole6662008-01-29

thank you mole. Have a nice day!

cybsn (author)2009-01-10

Could i use an other laser for the module? For example a green 50mw laser or a cheap 3euro red laser? And finaly could i mod the 50mw green one to power it up?

panstar1 (author)2008-11-08

I have just removed laser diode from the optical assembly. I have tested it with two AA's & a 100 ohom resister in series just for safety ,so I don't burn it out ( I did try this on another diode so I know it will work) ,I got mine from a hp dvd-rw . I wasn't ready to do this to the lg dvd-rw , (I got both for cheap ) ,but I got the diode out by carefully removing it from the optical assembly & carefully cutting through the heat sink on both sides & snapping it apart. if you are careful it will come out intact.

budsiskos (author)2008-08-25

could you do this with a 20x dvd drive

azn_kid129 (author)2008-06-09

hey i need help here. I'm just new at this laser thing and i dont know what a diode is. can you help please. i have one on those $10 red laser and dont know how to make it burn or cool.... help please

a diode is the actual laser part of it. take the diode out of the regular red laser that you have and replace it with the DVD diode.

turner22 (author)2008-04-07

what is the axis laser? can you find it inside the dvd player?

drummonkey92 (author)turner222008-05-27

its not inside the dvd player, i think its a module to power the diode. if you google 'axiz laser module' you'll probably find one

GorillazMiko (author)2008-01-17

Awesome, I was looking for something like this, I'm going to try this very soon.

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