How to Make a Dvd Laser





Introduction: How to Make a Dvd Laser

I used the same model as in my other videos a LG 16x DVDRW. Used an Axiz Housing powered by two AAA batteries This is how i did it



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    I hate that people show this. So much inresponsible use with these things

    it has to be a burner, rewriters wont work either, your can find the diode on the net cheap, thats what i did and it works wonders! there is actually a kit on ebay that works also

    will one from an ordinary dvd player work


    hey i got mine from an old cd reader/writer it is 20x it has a ribbon cable on it and when i plug it in it makes a high frequency sound and lights faintly red i tried to see if it is infra red with a digital camera but i makes no diffrence

    Does it have to be a CD/DVD burner??? i have a Portable CD Player, would that work?

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    I have dial-up, and it is HORRIBLE to live with dial-up. Can u put it in word form, and pics.

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    I feel so bad for you. Yay for Ethernet and WiFi!

    Meh .. films been removed from Metacafé :(

    Well, I got my Sony 18X laser diode. Can't wait to put it to 'good' use.

    do you have to use a axiz laser.

    mole,can you use a diode from a dvd reader and the diode looks like this...


    hey i am kinda new to this sorta stuff and i have just took the optical assembly out of my old CDRW drive and there is a focusing mechanism. should i take this apart for the diode or should i leave it as it is?

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    yes. the focusing mechanism is for the diode

    Mole, How did you get the laser diode out of the cast metal piece it was in (from the DVD Burner). I got it down to the diode and the mount for the diode, but it seems to be epoxied in there pretty good. Any help is appreciated.

    Laser Diode.JPG