How to Make a Egg Face Mask





Introduction: How to Make a Egg Face Mask

Step 1: What You Will Need

Water- 1/4 cup Egg -1 PAM olive oil -2 sprays A container(this is so you can store eny extras you might have or so that if you want to give it as a gift you can store it.You can also use it to store it for later) -face cloth (so you can wash your face once you are done)

Step 2: Start Making

Put the ingredients in the bowl. Burst the yolk and then mix them all together. Ether put your face mask in a container or read the next paragraph!

Step 3: How to Apply

If your face mask is cold heat it up and then put it on your face.when you are ready wash your face mask off using a damp cloth.



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    What are the benefits of an egg face mask? Also, any photos of you or someone else with this mask on? If you've got an egg-face photo, that'd make a sweet main image for this project.