How to Make a Fake Fish Tank




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Introduction: How to Make a Fake Fish Tank

What you need is green paper glitter glue permeant markers note cars or paper tape scissors glue and a clear jar.

Step 1: Cut and Paste

Cut a green circle that fits on the bottom of the jar. Glue the green paper on the bottom of the jar. Use green glitter glue around the edge to look like seaweed.

Step 2: Fish

Draw a fish on a pice of notecard. Color it with permanent markers. Cut out 2 little fins but leave the white paper on the edge. Fold the white paper and glue the fins to the fish but make sure the fins stick out like the fish is swimming.

Step 3: Stick

Roll up a small piece of paper and tape your fish to it. Cut out a square piece of paper and tape it to the end of the post holding up the fish.

Step 4: Jar

Grab a blue marker and start coloring the outside of the jar make sure the marker is see through when on the jar. Color the whole jar in blue to make the look of water.

Step 5: End

Put a layer of glitter glue on the bottom of the jar then add your fish And stick.let it dry then pretend to have a pet fish. Pretend to feed it what ever have fun.



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    Very creative

    Very nice. I like the seaweed idea.