Introduction: How to Make a Fake Scream

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I decided to learn how to scream so I could make metal/screamo music. It's really hard. Because I was doing this to make joke songs and NOT play shows, I figured out how to make a fake scream. This is my first instructable.

Step 1: Materials

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For this you will need:
An amplifier (Distortion is a plus)
A microphone that hooks into your amp
And a pillow (not one of those squishy ones)

Step 2: Put Mic in Pillow

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Fold the pillow in half and put the mic in.

Step 3: Finally...

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With the mic and amp on, and distortion to 10, scream into the other side of the pillow.


Screamo (author)2010-09-25

Aeisher!!!!! HOW COULD YOU, screamo is the best!!! NOTE MY NAME :)

ihsuf (author)2009-09-23

wow y don't u just learn how to actually scream!!! and inhale screams are more used in core bands along with with exhale screams and more of the mainstream hardcore punk use a lot of exhale screams like a day to remember , underoath, burden of a day, escape the fate, paddock park.... ect.

Thermionic (author)2007-05-15

Most *core music screaming is an inhale. Inhale my friends.

xinfectionx (author)Thermionic2008-10-26

inhale? haha wat kind of "core" are u listening to? jw

actually, most labeled as grindcore, porngrind, anything with grind i have noticed, utilizes inhaling. My neighbor used to be the vocalist for a local grindcore band, not the best by far, but you can notice some pretty useful things by watching. btw, I hate the way inhaled gutturals sound. just had to add that...

iamtoats (author)Thermionic2008-11-09

They're mostly exhale. Inhale is bad for your throat because the dust and dirt in the air doesn't get filtered. It also sounds constricted... Exhale is harder, but much better (and used by most *core bands)

arhodes18 (author)2008-06-22

why is "Fender" written backwards on your amp?? :-/

my laptop's camera mirrors the image for some reason. and im too lazy to flip them back haha

oh haha I was like wtf?!

Williz (author)2007-03-14

Becuase you could so do this live....

kottoler ello (author)Williz2008-04-24

Why not? As an added bonus, if you accidentally took a little too much before you came on, and you pass out on stage, chances are the pillow will pad your fall!

ARVash (author)Williz2007-03-14

Duh, pillows are the rockstar's favorite tool!

deadly.jello (author)2007-07-24

ahhahahahaha this is really funny!!! lol people probably think im strange 'cause im cracking up in my cubicle by myself! hahaha this made my day!

Aeshir (author)2007-03-14

That guy in the pic looks like he's trying to puke into the mic. Lmao.

Aeshir (author)2007-03-14

Have fun making out with that pillow xD. Just kidding, this is pretty cool, and I hate screamo, so good luck with the songs :D

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